Monday, November 27, 2017

#EaglesGetaway Part 2 🌈

Assalammualaikum and Hye *wave hand* I’m coming back :P
So, this is part 2. On 6th April, we get ready early in the morning to go to Pantai Chenang again. Hahahaha.  The only reason was to take the pictures. Well, girls are always like that. After 2 days, Anis drove the car all the way. The last day, I drove because she already tired. Thanks for two days especially on my birthday :P I still cannot move on and I don’t want to move on. Maybe one of the reasons I’m typing part 1 and part 2. Hehehehehe. Actually, there is not much story. Hahahaha

After we took many pictures beautifully :P. We decided to go to around the shops at Pantai Chenang. My aim was only to find for my mom Batik Ayu. They were sightseeing around. I cannot found the item there so we decided to eat because it’s already noon. We searched for Laksa near the airport. The placed was beautiful eat while see the sea. Nice view. While eating, I’m searching the place to find Batik Ayu and I found a place near there. The shops were focusing the entire item made by batik but still I cannot get Batik Ayu. However, the salesgirl told me that the item I searched for was at Beras terbakar. Next, we go to Beras Terbakar. Luckily, there was one shop already wanted to close but I came fast and bought it. Alhamdulillah *smile*

We looked at the clock and still early. We decided to go back to Laksa’s stall which is where we ate earlier. We just sat near there not at the stall. We ate apam balik and feel sleepy. We want to go back to the airport at 3.30pm.

Start the engine and here we go. We went to pray first. Here the climax actually. HAHAHAHA. The moment we want to enter the gate. Huhuhuhu. Our bags were overweight. HUHUHUHUHUHU T_T Only Zack can enter the gate. The 4 of us were struggling what to do with the bag. Sisters and brothers there were trying to help up but after saw our ticket that the plane was nearly arrived. They said sorry we couldn’t help. We need to pay extra to put our bags at luggage side. Each of us needs to pay RM 70 if I’m not mistaken. It was not exactly the number but around that. All faces were bad. After settled that part, we entered the gate. Then, it announces that the flight was delayed. WE WERE FRUSTRATED *sad face*.  All is like, not in mood. I’m the one who started to calculate if we can join our things together in one bag. If we buy tickets together so we can share. I came out with so many if. Things were done all of us had to accept it and take it as a lesson. It was an experience for us so be happy and smile. HAHAHAHAHA Next time, we not going to do it again! In Shaa Allah

The flight came at 6.15pm maybe. I slept in the flight because not in mood to enjoy the view. Hahahaha. EaglesGetaway had arrived!

There was not much story in part 2. I just want to highlight the bags experience. Hahahaha I hope it can be a lesson for who are reading this too. Hopefully, we can manage our trip better next time.

For EaglesGetaway, I hope we can go for another trip next time. Let’s keep our money first. Emmm even I’m staying here now I think my money always flew away. Hahahaha I hope we can still contact each other and remember each other. Hopefully, next time it’s not just us but all of our friends can join. Let’s meet each other next time. Even we are going to near place as long as we can be together, it’s going to be the best memory. Thank you for all the moments *flying kiss* Saranghae