Friday, April 28, 2017

I, My, Me, Mine

Assalammualaikum and Hi :’) *wave hand*

It had been a long time. The last time I posted the entry was 5 years ago maybe. I decided to delete all the entry last year maybe because it was so funny. However, I feel a little bit regret. I remembered that there’s one or maybe two or three entry that I used to share about my life in hostel during Form 1. HahahahahahaXD I think the story are all about complain. Maybe there are some compliments. Yes, for sure it is because of friends. Well, be proud of yourself hostel student.

Stop throwback!
Let’s just start with introduction. Since, 5 years ago is too long. Nurul Asyiqin Fatini Binti Sharaan is my full name. “Cahaya Penyayang Bijaksana” is the meaning just to let you know. Hehehehe :P I am 18 years old. Wahhhhh *agape* I have grown up but to be honest my height is still same T_T. For sure, I am SPM leavers and still confusing about future. Why I’m start blogging again? Well, I think this are not going long also. It is because this is in my wish list. This is the last one maybe. I had done worked for 3 month not exactly. I had done watched kdrama even not all in my laptop and hard disk but I claimed it has done because THAT WAS MANY AND IT WAS BAD FOR MY EYES! *talking like care now huhhhh* I had done transferred my room. Wuhoooo, FINALLY! Hahahaha How long I will stay here since it’s already end of April? May is the month when people are going to continue study including me. Huhuhuhu. Not specific but there are rumours. It’s okay as long as I’m done with my wish list.

Why I’m putting blogging in wish list? Because the older ones I used blog as the place to design and make beautiful thing *I know my blog is beautiful*. I just like to share my story with full of honesty last time. This time, I make it more useful. Since, people keep talking blogging is the best way to improve your English skill so why not? Instead of just like to design which is not beautiful. Hahahahahahaha However, when it comes to tragic story that I want to share maybe I use it in Malay. Hahahahahahahaha FULL OF HONESTY AND FEELING :P *excuse :P* Kihkihkih Well, I try but if can’t I just could not help it.

Actually, I had list what entry should be share but depend when I’m free.*Free? Always free just an excuse* Hahahaha I told you right this time also maybe not long. I should stop now before I come up with new topic that supposed to be in one entry. I don’t know if people read this entry or not but I put many effort to type it in English because I am bad in English T_T *Impatient to share next story* If all the sentences look like primary school please forgive me.  T_T Anything wrong, just tell me J Thank you <3

p/s: To be honest, I want to start blogging more early but because I could not get photoshop so I postpone. I still cannot get it but since already finished the wish list so I just write it up!

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