Monday, November 27, 2017

#EaglesGetaway Part 2 🌈

Assalammualaikum and Hye *wave hand* I’m coming back :P
So, this is part 2. On 6th April, we get ready early in the morning to go to Pantai Chenang again. Hahahaha.  The only reason was to take the pictures. Well, girls are always like that. After 2 days, Anis drove the car all the way. The last day, I drove because she already tired. Thanks for two days especially on my birthday :P I still cannot move on and I don’t want to move on. Maybe one of the reasons I’m typing part 1 and part 2. Hehehehehe. Actually, there is not much story. Hahahaha

After we took many pictures beautifully :P. We decided to go to around the shops at Pantai Chenang. My aim was only to find for my mom Batik Ayu. They were sightseeing around. I cannot found the item there so we decided to eat because it’s already noon. We searched for Laksa near the airport. The placed was beautiful eat while see the sea. Nice view. While eating, I’m searching the place to find Batik Ayu and I found a place near there. The shops were focusing the entire item made by batik but still I cannot get Batik Ayu. However, the salesgirl told me that the item I searched for was at Beras terbakar. Next, we go to Beras Terbakar. Luckily, there was one shop already wanted to close but I came fast and bought it. Alhamdulillah *smile*

We looked at the clock and still early. We decided to go back to Laksa’s stall which is where we ate earlier. We just sat near there not at the stall. We ate apam balik and feel sleepy. We want to go back to the airport at 3.30pm.

Start the engine and here we go. We went to pray first. Here the climax actually. HAHAHAHA. The moment we want to enter the gate. Huhuhuhu. Our bags were overweight. HUHUHUHUHUHU T_T Only Zack can enter the gate. The 4 of us were struggling what to do with the bag. Sisters and brothers there were trying to help up but after saw our ticket that the plane was nearly arrived. They said sorry we couldn’t help. We need to pay extra to put our bags at luggage side. Each of us needs to pay RM 70 if I’m not mistaken. It was not exactly the number but around that. All faces were bad. After settled that part, we entered the gate. Then, it announces that the flight was delayed. WE WERE FRUSTRATED *sad face*.  All is like, not in mood. I’m the one who started to calculate if we can join our things together in one bag. If we buy tickets together so we can share. I came out with so many if. Things were done all of us had to accept it and take it as a lesson. It was an experience for us so be happy and smile. HAHAHAHAHA Next time, we not going to do it again! In Shaa Allah

The flight came at 6.15pm maybe. I slept in the flight because not in mood to enjoy the view. Hahahaha. EaglesGetaway had arrived!

There was not much story in part 2. I just want to highlight the bags experience. Hahahaha I hope it can be a lesson for who are reading this too. Hopefully, we can manage our trip better next time.

For EaglesGetaway, I hope we can go for another trip next time. Let’s keep our money first. Emmm even I’m staying here now I think my money always flew away. Hahahaha I hope we can still contact each other and remember each other. Hopefully, next time it’s not just us but all of our friends can join. Let’s meet each other next time. Even we are going to near place as long as we can be together, it’s going to be the best memory. Thank you for all the moments *flying kiss* Saranghae 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

#EaglesGetaway Part 1 🌈

Assalammualaikum and Hi J I know this vacation already lame but I’m free now so why not I’m just posting it? Hahahahaha

I’m starting my story by telling you guys how we planned it. Last year, I’m not sure either it is before trial or after but around that month I think. It was planned by Anis at first. She just books a ticket ONLY FOR HER to go Langkawi in April 2017. She booked it when it is on promotion. Then, she told us to join her because if not she will going there alone. I as a good friend who do not want anything bad happen to her so follow her trip. HAHAHAHAHA :P *actually, I confirmed to join them a month before maybe hehehehe* Those who confirmed to follow her at first was Bowm and Syuhada. I am a third person. The next person is Zack. Suddenly, Syuhada cannot follow the trip so we begged Farah to join us. Farah wanted to join us 2 weeks before the date. OKAY GUYS, IMAGINE HOW MUCH HER TICKET *peace* Hehehehehe

A few

On 4th April, we were excited so we arrived at the airport very early. We waited at McD. *just seat not ate* Hahahahaha :P However, 4 hours is not so long because we had many stories. Hahahaha
Then, we just went into the plane. We arrived at Langkawi at 6pm. I’m not sure with the time because I already forgot but it is around that time.

Our first destination was the hotel to check in. Actually, we stayed at motel. Budget vacation! Hahahaha 5 person stayed in one room with two single bed :P No worries, it is comfortable. Thanks to Anis who searched for it. Next, we went to Dataran Lang. WE CONQUER THE PLACE!!!! Hehehehe because we were not going on school holidays so there were not many persons. Then, we just went back to the motel and get ready for night mission. Kihkihkih

Okay, we admitted that night we watched movie. Huhuhu we just don’t know what to do on that day so just let us spent time together while watched movie. We watched ‘KIMCHI UNTUK AWAK” and just enjoyed the movie even emmm emmm but not bad to let us chit chatting in the cinema. We also made a live. Hahahahaha Is it Bowm or Zack who was teary because some of the scene? Hahahaha I’m not remember who was it. Hehehehe

At first, we thought that they were nobody but suddenly emmmm...... Nevermind 
The best part was here. HEHEHEHEHE *See it here :P at Day 1 if I'm not mistaken*
End of the movie. Those 4 were not ashamed to sing loudly HAPPY BIRTHDAY’s song to me. I cried. Hahahaha It feels like they booked the cinema for me :P Hahahaha *birthday girl is happy until now*
Then, we pretended it one more time in the car. Pretended that I was not entering the car with them and then I opened the door and they sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. IT IS ACTING! HAHAHAHA

On 5th April which is on MY BIRTHDAY :P *birthday girl is proud*
We went for Island Hoping. First, we went to Pantai Beras Basah. All were excited played water in the sea even it is salt. Here we met Adik Aiman. He was our photographer at that placed. Hahahaha Thank you brother!  He was 12 years old. Okay, let’s wish him GOOD LUCK UPSR ! Pray for him J *repay his kindness with pray for him* Hihihihi. Next, we went to watch eagles and we are lucky because got to see many dolphins. KWEOPTA! Next destination was Tassek Dayang Bunting. I LOVE THE WATER THERE! We also do kayak there. Of course, we played well in the water there because it is not salty. Hahahahaha Here, we closed with Pakcik and Makcik. I’m not remembering their names but I do remember memories. Thank you because having fun with us and kind to us. May Allah bless both Pakcik Makcik. That’s all our Island Hoping.

In the evening, we went to Cable Car. UNFORTUNATELY, it is closed. Sad T_T So, we just went into all the 3D,4D,6D,7D all DDDDDD *sidelong glance* Not bad to help us calm for a while. After that, we went to Pantai Chenang with a big hope to watch sunset but we were late. Hahahaha but still can see the beautiful view. Then, we just walk along the stall there. Arrived at Kuah, we bought chocolate at HIG and another placed I not remembered. It is near our motel. Then, we went to night market.

#OrangKaya Hahahahahaha

Suddenly, Bowm wants to go to the toilet. Anis just drove until Jeti Kuah. Why she just not bring us to motel? I said with myself because I’m the one who hold the waze and see motel was near to us but why? I just keep quiet because maybe we were going to the next place after that. Anis drove to more spacious place at there. She stopped the car. Those 3 at the back already went out of the car and go to bonnet. Anis stopped me from going out. Then, Farah opens my door while holding Spongebob’s balloon and Bowm holding Doraemon’s balloon. I cried. Hehehehehe
Zack came after while holding 2 pieces of cake. Anis recorded the moment. I CRIED! I LOVE THEM :P
*birthday girl very touched* Then, we took some pictures and went back to motel.

All were busy packaging the luggage. All were scared that our luggage maybe heavy. Hahahahaha
I must blew out my balloons that night. SAD T_T. Their live were not more than 5 hours I think. I had to because how I want to bring you in flight. Huhuhuhuhu
Zack and Bowm slept first. At the same time, Farah, Anis and I were eating ramen *tasty* and chocolates that we bought that night. Hahahahaha.  We slept after that.

To be continue……..

All the moments is here :) Use the #EaglesGetaway *promoting hard* Hahahahaha  

Saturday, May 13, 2017

My journey and ENGLISH 😱

Assalammualaikum and hi pretty and handsome J

Here’s the entry about my feeling towards ENGLISH *I’m shouting* 🗣
ENGLISH is the hardest subject for me to score A. I don’t know why but it is since I am at primary school. Even though, the others subject also hard to score but ENGLISH is different. Since, everybody can score it well so it a MUST. The story begins here…..

I start with my UPSR. It means when I am standard 6. In one year, there are some examinations before UPSR. At the first exam, I got B for Science and English. After that, still B for Science and English. Then, I am able to change the grade for Science A but still not for English. Trial has coming, gratefully I am able to change the grade for English to become A *phewww*.Alhamdulillah in UPSR, the grade consistent. Which I’m going to say here, English is the last subject to get A. *The struggle is here* 

Next, it was when I’m taking PT3’s exam. The result were so *phewww*. HahahahaXD. Either it was writing or oral. I got both C. HahahahaXD. In Form 3, nothing much to say. I accepted it’s my fault. I think because I always feel sleepy in English class. How can the knowledge enter? Please, don’t be like this all students. Hehehehe. Please, focus in your class. Hahahaha Please, pray for me that I can change my behaviour that always feel sleepy in class. Hehehehe. Besides English, Add math too and biology and sometimes the other subject. Hahahahahaha. Even, during I’m working. Why I always feel sleepy? Hahahahaha *DON’T BE LIKE THIS!!!*

Lastly, of course it is in SPM. I think every exam I got B. It’s either B or B+. Since, I am Form 4 until Form 5. What’s wrong with me? Why I cannot improve? Is it because I feel sleepy again? Oh yes, maybe. Hehehehe You guys know the objective question section? *If you are going to take SPM or SPM leaver you must know* I think I am the only one in my class who always get below than 10 corrects. I don’t know if the real SPM also I got below. Huhuhuhu. The objective is where the section I should get more marks but I always lose marks there. Fortunately, Pn. Wan always teaching us the ‘important imformation’ section I think. Yes, that section I always score without change any words. It was because I am played safe. Hahahaha. It is better than they were going to minus my marks. Hahahaha *be proud of me please for at least that section*. Hihihihihi.

 I want to express my feeling here. Most of my friends were finally able to get A in English during SPM. How can I am not sad? And I think I am the only one in my class who did not get A in English T_T To be honest, I love to learn English but I think English does not like me. Hahahaha. I think I should learn Korean language then. Hahahaha. I’m making joke. Please, laugh. *krikkrikkrik*

Okay, I think the wisdom *I am not sure if the sentence correct. I am using Google translate for HIKMAH hehehehe* are for me to try hard to score English. Maybe if I get English A I’m not going to type in English for my blog. I’m actually missing Pn. Wan while typing this. She always asking us to make journal during long school holiday then send to her email. She teaches us for using Microsoft Word first to check the grammar then send it to her. Yes, it was like what I’m doing right now. 

Furthermore, this is maybe the right time for me to realize to improve my English. Just looking at how I am not realizing before this. Get C in PT3 but still do not want to improve until get A. Do not have enough effort. Why I feel like I am cursing myself? Huhuhuhu

There is something that Allah gives us to make us better. I believe it. Just keep positive in mind so you will be happier. Smile J I accepted all reprimand by Kak Iqah in Twitter. Sometimes, I tweets in English but sometimes it was the wrong sentence or grammar or spelling. Huhuhuhuhu but it is okay. This is a learning process. I will keep learning.

Actually, learning language is fun. It was not only English but the others language also. Even, I’m not good in others language but at least knew some of their words is fun. The conclusion is keeps learning more language. You can use it when travel around the world. *I’m dreaming* Hihihihi

I want to thanks my entire English teacher that always patient with me. *It was because I’m talking about English subject* Please, do not be offended.

I want to thank Pn. Asnay, Pn. Puspalila, Sir Kesevan, Pn. Ednah, Miss Ooi, Pn. Wan and maybe the others that I can’t remember. I’m really sorry but please do not be offended. However, Thank you and I appreciate all the knowledge that they had gave to me.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Hostel Life

This picture holds memories for 5 years 💕

I'm the one yang hantar surat permohonan masuk asrama lambat waktu darjah 6 nak masuk form 1. Fortunately, they accepted ✌Masa dapat surat tawaran time bulan 12, terlompat-lompat ecxited tak sabar nak masuk asrama. Excited beli barang itu ini yg tak tahan tulis nama kat semua benda 😒 HahahaXD
Minggu pertama masuk asrama, okay dah rasa nak balik sebab orientasi yang sangat padat 😐 Masa tu, setiap malam aku berdoa "YA ALLAH, AKU HARAP AKU DAPAT TAHAN DUDUK SINI SAMPAI FORM 5"
Masa form 1 laa masa aku kenal nama semua orang penghuni asrama dari form 1 sampai form 5 😇 Masuk form 5, hehehe aku rasa ingat muka jee kot 😅 Maaf ☺️ Baru aku tau rupanya entah2 form 5 time aku form 1 tu tak kenal pun aku 😂 
Masa form 1, dapat dorm Balqis. Atas sekali tapi masa tu redha jaa. Mulanya, dorm ni ada 8 org ahli tapi last sekali tggl 5 org jaa. Yang best, dapat loker bnyk 😂 Disebabkan dorm ni laa, akhirnya rapat dengan FAEQAH FURAIRAH 😘 Aku ingat lagi hari last day kita ubah katil bagi rapat semata-mata nak bagi semua dpt tidur beside each other dan hari last tu Faeqah nyanyi lagu dkt aku. Tapi aku tak ingat lagu apa dah 🙄Makin hari dh boleh rapat dgn ahli dorm dgn ahli dorm sebelah. Paling best part main dlm tandas baling belon, part izzah dgn nab gaduh, Izzah cerita pasal kampung dia, nyanyi dlm dorm dan bnyk laa lgi.

Masa form 2, dapat dorm 🎉 BALQIS AGAIN ! ATAS SEKALI AGAIN 😪 Tapi ahli dorm masa ni ramai yg sama batch so terubat laa luka nak panjat tangga tu. Even masa tu geng dgn Izzah, Faeqah, Dina duk kat tingkat 2 tpi aku suka jaa duk atas tu. Masa form 2, kawan dkt sek org lain, dlm dorm lain, dkt bilik prep lain. Act, Im happy with that situation 😆 

Masa form 3, dorm SITI MARIAM 😊 Masa ni dh jdi pling senior dh dlm dorm 😁 4 org form 3, 4 org form 1. Yang bestnya, dorm ni sebelah bilik iron maka rajin sangat aku iron baju 😂 Dorm ni jugak adalah di tingkat 2 maka bertambah best 😋

Masa form 4, dorm ZULAIKHA 😏 Ahli batch sama dengan waktu form 3 😱 Tak sangka. Tapi yang paling takut duk dorm tu aku dengan Izzah (manusia paling hingaq). Sebab kedudukan dorm tu sgt tak strategik utk kami even tingkat 1. Menghadap aspura dan dkt dgn rumah warden 😓 Akhirnya, berjaya juga melalui saat tu selama setahun 😪 Ahli masa ni pun 4 org form 4, 4 org form 1. Mulanya, masa ni Faeqah dapat sebelah dorm aku tapi budak ni pilih jalan hidup nk pindah p sbp maka rasa laa sat berjiran dgn dia. Yg pasti masa ni budak dorm sebelah ramai yang pindah 😢 

Time flies so fast, Finally, I am Form 5 💖 
Aku dapat dorm yang PALING AKU NAK ! Dorm UMI KALSOM 😍 Dorm ni adalah dorm paling strategik. Tingkat 1, sebelah bilik iron, dekat bilik prep, jauh drpd rumah warden. Bahagia benoo dapat dorm ni. Part paling best, tengah tahun dapat dorm Form 5 satu dorm 😉 ANIS NAJWA, FARAH BAT ahli yg mula. Lepastu, HAZIMAH, DALILA, IRDINA, NABILA. Lepastu, HAYATI, SYAKIRAH 💕 Sangat bahagia hidup dengan manusia2 ni yang sentiasa kelaparan 😅 Paling best, pernah dpt no 2 main Bola Jaring antara dorm ✌Even masa tu, majoriti yg main tgh puasa 💪. PALING PALING PALING BEST 🎉 DEPA (form 5 aspuri) BUAT SUPRISE BIRTHDAY DEKAT AKU 🤣 HAHAHAHA SUKANYA 💃DAPAT KEK TU YANG SUKA 😜 THANKS 💕 Tapi takleh lawan birthday Nab laa 😏 Nak buat suprise pun keluar bilik prep masuk balik sbb CUT. Nasib tak kantoi 😅 Baling belon ada air, belon dlm locker haa dh tu jaa takyah lebih 😛
Banyak sangat kenangan time form 5 💖 Tak tertype tapi In Shaa Allah ingat di ingatan ❤

YANG PASTINYA, DOA AKU TIME FORM 1 TU TERMAKBUL 😊 Its happen 🎉 Semoga yang lain pun tabah 💪 Good Luck and enjoy your journeys 💕 You'll going through a lot of happiness and sadness but trust me Asrama SeNi is not bad at all 😉 Setakat yang aku duduk laa start 2017 I dont know tapi takpe teruskan jee laa. Aku pun setiap tahun doa cepatlaa habis dan sekarang macam biasa laa RINDU 😢 

Thanks for all the moments, friends 💕
Yang daripada aku form 1 sampai form 5.
Daripada senior hingga ke junior, Terima kasih kerana terlibat dalam kisah aku dekat asrama selama lebih kurang 1825 episod termasuk Sabtu Ahad dan cuti sekolah bulan 12 *ye laa sepanjang dlm ingatan masa tu* Minta maaf andai terkasar bahasa, terbuat marah tanpa sengaja, terbagi sakit hati, terbuat menyampah dan segala kesalahan. Doakan kejayaan Nurul Asyiqin Fatini Binti Sharaan dan kawan-kawan yang terlibat di dunia dan akhirat ☺
I'm writing this on December 2016. Actually, I want to post it in Instagram but too much sentence so I make it short and some words were not included. This is the full version :)