Saturday, May 13, 2017

My journey and ENGLISH 😱

Assalammualaikum and hi pretty and handsome J

Here’s the entry about my feeling towards ENGLISH *I’m shouting* πŸ—£
ENGLISH is the hardest subject for me to score A. I don’t know why but it is since I am at primary school. Even though, the others subject also hard to score but ENGLISH is different. Since, everybody can score it well so it a MUST. The story begins here…..

I start with my UPSR. It means when I am standard 6. In one year, there are some examinations before UPSR. At the first exam, I got B for Science and English. After that, still B for Science and English. Then, I am able to change the grade for Science A but still not for English. Trial has coming, gratefully I am able to change the grade for English to become A *phewww*.Alhamdulillah in UPSR, the grade consistent. Which I’m going to say here, English is the last subject to get A. *The struggle is here* 

Next, it was when I’m taking PT3’s exam. The result were so *phewww*. HahahahaXD. Either it was writing or oral. I got both C. HahahahaXD. In Form 3, nothing much to say. I accepted it’s my fault. I think because I always feel sleepy in English class. How can the knowledge enter? Please, don’t be like this all students. Hehehehe. Please, focus in your class. Hahahaha Please, pray for me that I can change my behaviour that always feel sleepy in class. Hehehehe. Besides English, Add math too and biology and sometimes the other subject. Hahahahahaha. Even, during I’m working. Why I always feel sleepy? Hahahahaha *DON’T BE LIKE THIS!!!*

Lastly, of course it is in SPM. I think every exam I got B. It’s either B or B+. Since, I am Form 4 until Form 5. What’s wrong with me? Why I cannot improve? Is it because I feel sleepy again? Oh yes, maybe. Hehehehe You guys know the objective question section? *If you are going to take SPM or SPM leaver you must know* I think I am the only one in my class who always get below than 10 corrects. I don’t know if the real SPM also I got below. Huhuhuhu. The objective is where the section I should get more marks but I always lose marks there. Fortunately, Pn. Wan always teaching us the ‘important imformation’ section I think. Yes, that section I always score without change any words. It was because I am played safe. Hahahaha. It is better than they were going to minus my marks. Hahahaha *be proud of me please for at least that section*. Hihihihihi.

 I want to express my feeling here. Most of my friends were finally able to get A in English during SPM. How can I am not sad? And I think I am the only one in my class who did not get A in English T_T To be honest, I love to learn English but I think English does not like me. Hahahaha. I think I should learn Korean language then. Hahahaha. I’m making joke. Please, laugh. *krikkrikkrik*

Okay, I think the wisdom *I am not sure if the sentence correct. I am using Google translate for HIKMAH hehehehe* are for me to try hard to score English. Maybe if I get English A I’m not going to type in English for my blog. I’m actually missing Pn. Wan while typing this. She always asking us to make journal during long school holiday then send to her email. She teaches us for using Microsoft Word first to check the grammar then send it to her. Yes, it was like what I’m doing right now. 

Furthermore, this is maybe the right time for me to realize to improve my English. Just looking at how I am not realizing before this. Get C in PT3 but still do not want to improve until get A. Do not have enough effort. Why I feel like I am cursing myself? Huhuhuhu

There is something that Allah gives us to make us better. I believe it. Just keep positive in mind so you will be happier. Smile J I accepted all reprimand by Kak Iqah in Twitter. Sometimes, I tweets in English but sometimes it was the wrong sentence or grammar or spelling. Huhuhuhuhu but it is okay. This is a learning process. I will keep learning.

Actually, learning language is fun. It was not only English but the others language also. Even, I’m not good in others language but at least knew some of their words is fun. The conclusion is keeps learning more language. You can use it when travel around the world. *I’m dreaming* Hihihihi

I want to thanks my entire English teacher that always patient with me. *It was because I’m talking about English subject* Please, do not be offended.

I want to thank Pn. Asnay, Pn. Puspalila, Sir Kesevan, Pn. Ednah, Miss Ooi, Pn. Wan and maybe the others that I can’t remember. I’m really sorry but please do not be offended. However, Thank you and I appreciate all the knowledge that they had gave to me.



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